Effective Change management
ПоліщукЮлія Поліщук – Lohika, QA Manager. During long 9 years work in IT. Now leading HP account and managing testing HP products for Testling like Unified Functional Testing, Load Runner, Performance Center, etc. Last 7 years work on management positions, Lead different teams with count of people from 6 to 10 , during last 2 years work on Position QA manager and leading TL's who if responsible for QA of 7 products on HP account in Lohika. Have different certificates like ISTQB and OU Certified Manager. Тема доповіді: "Effective Change management" Тези доповіді: Constant changes this is something that always happen when you working in IT , but perhaps not only in IT . Proper implementation and change management is a valuable knowledge that should have each manager. Each manager who wants his project be successful, sooner or later confronted with the fact that he needed to make changes in the processes, in the tasks that are performed on projects, in the structure of his team or organization. There are may be a lot of areas where required changes, but the goal is always the same - to achieve the best results by doing things differently. I’ll share with you some my real experience in implementing changes on multiple projects. I hope it will be helpful for you, and will give ability make your project more successful. I’m looking forward to see you all on my presentation. Do not afraid changes - Know how to manage them
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